Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Cottage Living At It's Finest

With summer quickly approaching, now is the perfect time to open up those cottages and give your space a new look! It can be as simple as re-arranging, changing out some accessories or adding a fresh coat of paint to transform your space.

One important piece, that I believe is necessary in every lake home, is a slipcovered sofa. The idea that you can change the look of the sofa by simply changing the slipcover makes the investment that much easier! Many people fear that they will fall out of love with the fabric they choose for their sofas, but there is no need to worry with a slipcover as you can change it whenever you please. Robin Bruce, a line provided by Scott Shuptrine Interiors, has a variety of fabric options to create many different interchangeable combinations throughout the years.
Another thing that people often worry about is stains. I absolutely love the look of a white sofa in a cottage, and a slipcover sofa is extremely easy to wash when life happens. Robin Bruce offers slipcover fabrics that are pre-washed and come in an array of colors and patterns.

Escaping to the cottage should not include pillow fluffing, which makes the shabby-chic look of these sofas even more enticing. Slipcovers are definitely designed to hang loosely and appear a little relaxed. With a few soft karate chops to the pillows, you are put back together in no time.

We would love to help you freshen up your summer home, so that you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the beautiful summers that we have in the mitten state!

By Bridget Bueche
Interior Designer
Grand Rapids SSI

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Mixing It Up

I love mixing the old with the new, whether that means taking a more traditional frame and applying modern fabrics or mixing antiques with modern clean-lined pieces.  At the Scott’s gallery, for example, we have a Venetian style sofa (normally styled with tapestry fabrics, tassels and fringe) paired with a bold, modern pillow print, elegant fabric and nail head details. This gives 
the piece a much cleaner and unique look, but still keeps the traditional 
frame alive.

Take a look at the Massoud chair to the left. This very detailed, beautifully carved Victorian frame is paired with a classic houndstooth fabric and a red leather seat for a punch of color.  The houndstooth pattern was created in Scotland in the 1800’s, but keeps evolving year after year.  Keep an open mind when you are looking at fabric. Just because the fabric and frame are from different eras doesn’t mean you can’t mix them for a stunning piece.

By Claire Jensen
Interior Designer
Royal Oak SSI

Monday, February 24, 2014

Transforming a Room with Window Treatments

Window treatments...there are so many options, where do you start? It depends on what you want to achieve; light control, privacy or purely aesthetic.  Working with an experienced designer can help you answer those questions. Whether you are interested in cellular shades from Hunter Douglas or custom draperies, we can create the windows of your dreams.  

Look how window treatments transformed this master bedroom from dark and dated to light and airy. Using cornices and side panels that coordinate with the bedding to add subtle color, we replaced the heavy wood blinds with beautiful silhouettes which tuck under the cornices when up, but add light control when needed.

Scott Shuptrine designers will come to your home, ask the right questions, take pictures and measurements and prepare ideas for your window treatment options considering your needs and budget.  Scott Shuptrine has many fabrics to choose from and experienced, professional installers to install your new window treatments.

By Nadine Hogan
Interior Designer
Grand Rapids SSI

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Beyond the Expected

Creating a unique room is about stepping beyond the expected and allowing some of the conventional concepts in room décor to be broken. Don’t be afraid to mix colors, textures, size, shapes and styles to put together a story that is as individual as your home and lifestyle.

For instance, in the bedroom, consider an upholstered bed rather than matching it to your chest and dresser. You may also enjoy distinctive pieces by adding two different nightstands, perhaps choosing Bombe chests. These short, wooden tables add a curvy element of flair yet functionally serve a bedside purpose.

Have fun implementing a contrasting mix of textures and layers like the natural quality of leather, the richness of fur, smooth luster of silk and the warmth of textured wools. Create a mixture of color such as a soft palette of greys with colors that are close together on the color wheel like blues and violets. Likewise, go bold with opposite hues on the spectrum by pairing orange with blue or red with shades of green.

Interior customization is truly about combining your furniture and accessories in unexpected ways by adding layers that bring the depth of your personality to any room setting. Not only is it a place for you to enjoy being, it’s a space to enjoy building.

By Benta Niemi
Interior Designer
Royal Oak SSI

Monday, September 23, 2013

On a recent trip to the mall I was walking past a newly remodeled Victoria’s Secret store when my inner “girly girl” was inspired. I began to imagine a walk-in closet bigger than most people’s bedrooms so that there would be plenty of room for my ridiculous amount of clothes, shoes, purses... well, hopefully you get the picture.

Along the intensely black walls would be floor to ceiling lacquer cabinets in a gorgeous black cherry, high gloss finish. They most certainly would provide the perfect backdrop for my never-ending wardrobe. On the opposite end of the room would be an entire wall dedicated to my shoe collection. A fully lit display rack with slanted shelves will make choosing which ones to wear even harder since they would all look too nice to touch.

A gorgeous crystal chandelier along with extra track lighting would provide more than enough ambiance to do my hair and make-up at the custom mirrored vanity. With a zebra print chair on casters to sit on, I would feel like a movie star.

A fabulous white shag rug would consume the center of the room that I could run my toes through as I pondered what would become my day’s attire. And although it would probably never be sat on, there would still have to be a hot pink leather chaise lounge in case I ever needed a rest.

Always remember to be on the lookout for inspiration because it is always around! It can come from the smallest things whether it’s nature, a magazine, or even at the mall.

By Bridget Bueche
Interior Designer
Grand Rapids SSI

Monday, September 16, 2013

Dress for Success

Dressing yourself and outfitting your home are strikingly similar processes. While you may select all well-made, high-quality pieces, the look can still fall flat without the correct accessories. Just like your LBD isn’t complete without your keepsake oyster pearls, killer pumps and silk-chiffon shawl, your home too needs certain touches and trinkets to make it – well – homier.

A home should speak to your personal style, just as the outfits you assemble do. Without those hand-picked accessories, knick knacks, and special pieces that you adore, spaces appear generic. Instead, make it pop. Whether it’s a large Christo vase, Maitland Smith table lamp, or an ornate 5’x8’ area rug, accessories are dual-purpose. Primarily, they will connect together design selections you’ve made throughout your room and home, and relay a cohesive message. They also serve as unique, individual representations of your personality, so choose wisely!

Accessories, just like your jewelry and shoes, should work together. That doesn’t mean that they should match, but that they shouldn’t be competing for attention or drawing unwanted attention (you know, the kind you get when you wear that Christmas sweater with the bells that jingle). 

At Scott Shuptrine Interiors we have an array of lighting, area rugs & home décor, and we’ll help you “dress” your home in a way that best exudes your personal style. Come by and see me, I’ll be looking for you. 

By Jacqueline Neil
Interior Designer
Royal Oak SSI

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Today I had the pleasure to work with Anne Whitcomb of Eastern Accents.  As we made the beds with layers of bedding we began discussing the luxury linen business.  The one room in my home that I love is my bedroom.  Always cozy and with layers of bedding.  Fine sheets, six down pillows, two euros and two decorative toss pillows.  There is nothing better than coming home from a hectic day and jumping in my luxurious bed. 

Have you ever slept on fine Italian linens? There’s nothing better!  Your bedroom is where you should feel most comfortable and truly be able to relax. Many people overlook the importance of great bedding. A great deal of our life is spent in bed. Sleep is the healthiest thing we can do for ourselves. And you deserve the best.

Eastern Accents has been in the luxury bedding business for 20 years. They specialize in fine crafted fabrics and trims and have some of the most beautiful linens in the market.  Their sheets are the finest Italian milled fabrics.  They’re made with the longest staple Egyptian cotton and provide years of comfort and durability.

Customers are increasingly paying more attention to their bedrooms, the furniture and linens they choose. Eastern Accents makes the process easy by providing coordinated ensembles and options to customize. They offer layers of bedding and accessories such as drapery panels, ottomans, throws and table runners to truly complete the look.

You owe it to yourself to check it out, touch the fabrics and learn about what makes Eastern Accents bedding truly luxurious. 

Sweet dreams! 

By Shannon Growney
Interior Designer
Grand Rapids Gallery