Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Mixing It Up

I love mixing the old with the new, whether that means taking a more traditional frame and applying modern fabrics or mixing antiques with modern clean-lined pieces.  At the Scott’s gallery, for example, we have a Venetian style sofa (normally styled with tapestry fabrics, tassels and fringe) paired with a bold, modern pillow print, elegant fabric and nail head details. This gives 
the piece a much cleaner and unique look, but still keeps the traditional 
frame alive.

Take a look at the Massoud chair to the left. This very detailed, beautifully carved Victorian frame is paired with a classic houndstooth fabric and a red leather seat for a punch of color.  The houndstooth pattern was created in Scotland in the 1800’s, but keeps evolving year after year.  Keep an open mind when you are looking at fabric. Just because the fabric and frame are from different eras doesn’t mean you can’t mix them for a stunning piece.

By Claire Jensen
Interior Designer
Royal Oak SSI

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