Monday, September 16, 2013

Dress for Success

Dressing yourself and outfitting your home are strikingly similar processes. While you may select all well-made, high-quality pieces, the look can still fall flat without the correct accessories. Just like your LBD isn’t complete without your keepsake oyster pearls, killer pumps and silk-chiffon shawl, your home too needs certain touches and trinkets to make it – well – homier.

A home should speak to your personal style, just as the outfits you assemble do. Without those hand-picked accessories, knick knacks, and special pieces that you adore, spaces appear generic. Instead, make it pop. Whether it’s a large Christo vase, Maitland Smith table lamp, or an ornate 5’x8’ area rug, accessories are dual-purpose. Primarily, they will connect together design selections you’ve made throughout your room and home, and relay a cohesive message. They also serve as unique, individual representations of your personality, so choose wisely!

Accessories, just like your jewelry and shoes, should work together. That doesn’t mean that they should match, but that they shouldn’t be competing for attention or drawing unwanted attention (you know, the kind you get when you wear that Christmas sweater with the bells that jingle). 

At Scott Shuptrine Interiors we have an array of lighting, area rugs & home d├ęcor, and we’ll help you “dress” your home in a way that best exudes your personal style. Come by and see me, I’ll be looking for you. 

By Jacqueline Neil
Interior Designer
Royal Oak SSI

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