Monday, September 23, 2013

On a recent trip to the mall I was walking past a newly remodeled Victoria’s Secret store when my inner “girly girl” was inspired. I began to imagine a walk-in closet bigger than most people’s bedrooms so that there would be plenty of room for my ridiculous amount of clothes, shoes, purses... well, hopefully you get the picture.

Along the intensely black walls would be floor to ceiling lacquer cabinets in a gorgeous black cherry, high gloss finish. They most certainly would provide the perfect backdrop for my never-ending wardrobe. On the opposite end of the room would be an entire wall dedicated to my shoe collection. A fully lit display rack with slanted shelves will make choosing which ones to wear even harder since they would all look too nice to touch.

A gorgeous crystal chandelier along with extra track lighting would provide more than enough ambiance to do my hair and make-up at the custom mirrored vanity. With a zebra print chair on casters to sit on, I would feel like a movie star.

A fabulous white shag rug would consume the center of the room that I could run my toes through as I pondered what would become my day’s attire. And although it would probably never be sat on, there would still have to be a hot pink leather chaise lounge in case I ever needed a rest.

Always remember to be on the lookout for inspiration because it is always around! It can come from the smallest things whether it’s nature, a magazine, or even at the mall.

By Bridget Bueche
Interior Designer
Grand Rapids SSI

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