Tuesday, August 27, 2013


You may have been hearing some buzz lately about a style described as Hollywood Regency. As with many trends, HolIywood Regency isn’t a specific style that is studied in design school but a modern interpretation, in this case, of what old Hollywood glamour was. I really favor the richness and variety Scott Shuptrine offers making this style easy to introduce with subtle accessories such as pillows, lighting, rugs and window treatments. 

When introducing opulence to a home, I’m an advocate of less is more, not in the approach that minimalism brings, but you don’t want the room to get too busy or to expect Bette Davis to come strolling in any moment. This means vintage design doesn’t have to feel out-dated and our interior designers know the difference and how to make it work in a modern-lifestyle home. Of course, taking it further depends on the client’s taste, style of the home itself, and the size of the room.

This luxuriously glamorous décor originated in the flea markets of Los Angeles and New York City.

It uses elements such as mirrors, crystal, glass and Lucite, as well as luxurious silk, velvet and mohair fabrics. The quintessential silk lampshades with heavy fringe are bespoke for an era of entertainment and grandeur and are once again represented in some of the most glamorous homes in the world. We can help you bring a flair for the dramatic into your home with a touch of Hollywood Glam. 

By Kathy Monahan

Interior Designer
Royal Oak SSI

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